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Various bodily characteristics can influence your appearance. Research has demonstrated that a person’s hair significantly influences their overall appearance and self-confidence. However, hair loss is a relatively frequent problem nowadays.
Everyone loses 50–100 strands of hair per day, but as they age, they start to lose a significant amount of hair. A variety of factors, such as poor nutrition and hereditary factors, can cause hair loss.
You may also be asking yourself questions such as, “When will you start losing hair?” What’s causing you to lose hair? Or, what treatments can help you regain your hair?

In this post, we will attempt to provide remedies for all of your age-related hair loss issues.
What is the appropriate age for hair transplant surgery?

Anyone over the age of 18 can undergo hair transplant surgery. However, a hair loss specialist should discuss the possibility of a hair transplant until the age of 25. Younger men may not be suitable candidates for Dubai Hair Transplant surgery due to their unrecognized hair loss pattern.

Prominent hair transplant surgeons assert that determining the appropriate age for a hair transplant is highly subjective and individualised. This is when baldness may begin; therefore, consumers should have the appropriate discussion to obtain the best transplant or treatment for themselves.

However, patients under the age of 21 can also undergo surgery if their hair loss is permanent and not progressing, as in advanced cases.

If you’re thinking about receiving a hair transplant at a young age, you should have realistic expectations for the outcome. Consulting with hair loss experts and doctors might help you have a better idea of what you might look like following the operation.

What is the age at which people get bald?

On average, 25% of men begin losing their hair before the age of 21. At the age of 35, about 66% of men have hair loss, and by the age of 50, approximately 85% have thinner hair. According to reports, one of the leading causes of male hair loss is heredity.

Women, on the other hand, begin to lose their hair around the age of 30, although they are also prone to early hair loss, which can begin as early as their late teens. Like men, heredity can also be the primary cause of hair loss in women.
What are the various hair loss remedies?

Advanced Hair Studio offers the following hair-loss treatments:
Advanced Laser Therapy is our most recommended treatment for hair retention and restoration in men and women who suffer from hair thinning or are in the early stages of hair loss. It is the preferred Dubai hair transplant treatment for millions around the world, with no discomfort or adverse effects. People widely regard this as an excellent hair restoration treatment for those who have experienced significant hair loss and wish to preserve their existing hair.

Top surgeons in the best OT infrastructure conduct the procedure using next-generation instruments and cutting-edge technology. Our hair transplant method results in 100% natural, growing, low-maintenance hair that you may wear and style based on your age, personality, and lifestyle.

Hair replacement method that guarantees to restore a man’s or woman’s appearance and provide a full head of hair, regardless of the stage of hair loss. Our hair replacement procedure is the result of years of study and innovation, and it is considerably superior in terms of technology, methodology, and product range to traditional cosmetic hair replacement treatments such as hair patches or wigs.

What are the benefits of hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation offers the following advantages:

Hair transplants do not require a donor. The hair transplant procedure uses the client’s own hair.
It is a permanent hair restoration therapy with long-lasting results.
It is a stand-alone operation that does not require any additional steps.
The results of hair transplantation appear natural, and it often takes 4-6 months to achieve the ideal appearance.


If you’re in Dubai and looking for a hair transplant, Advanced Dubai Hair Transplant is here to help. We provide the best surgical hair transplantation treatment in Dubai.

Hair Transplant Dubai