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Simple Steps for Creating a Website from Scratch

Establishing an internet presence is essential for any small business owner. A professional, entertaining website expresses trust and reliability while also allowing you to market your business online. While making a website may appear difficult, you can create a personalized one on your own.

Whatever type of site you wish to create, this comprehensive guide on how to design a website from scratch will walk you through the process. We recommend reviewing our website launch checklist for additional advice and ideas to verify you’ve included all of the required features.

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Define your goals
Whether you’re building a business, blog, or portfolio website, identifying your website goal can help you make the most of your online presence. A clear grasp of your goal can help you create your brand identity and decide which assets and design elements to incorporate on your website. This may vary based on whether you intend to monetize your website. Elements to consider:


Photo Gallery

Social media links

Online shop

Chat feature.

Members’ area

Once you’ve determined the goal of your website, you’ll want to develop your brand identity. Another factor that will influence your website design is the tone of your microcopy, your logo, and the color of your buttons.

Start by creating a simple idea map using pen and paper. In the center of your map, write down the type of site you intend to create, as well as terms and phrases that represent the vibe you want to convey and your brand voice. Then, write each in a different circle based on your first thought. Once you’ve broken down your brand into discrete pieces, it’ll be much easier to move on to the next step.

Conduct competitive research

To create an interesting website from scratch, you must first define your target demographic and conduct competitor research. You’ll want to know what content and information your potential visitors are looking for.

To achieve this, search Google for websites that are comparable to what you want yours to be. Examine the relevant pages to see what type of information they offer: blogs, community forums, social media feeds, testimonials, or Q&A sections.

On Google search results pages, you can see the People Also Ask area. This provides insight into what your audience wants to know, effectively giving you more ideas for good content.

Examine the visual possibilities

The visual layout of your website is the most important aspect. Before deciding on visual iconography and design, you should consider all of your possibilities. Browse this professional website template library to find the one that best fits your concept. Whether you’re a creative professional seeking portfolio templates or want to start an online business, there are numerous customized possibilities. There is a wide range of website templates available, from simple to complicated.

Then, as in the previous phase, take note of how your competitors’ websites appear and look at other visual channels such as Pinterest and Instagram. These examples can help you understand the typefaces, colors, web design styles, and trends that your target audience likes. However, you can still emulate the achievements of others. Essentially, you aim to understand the visual images and messaging of the target audience for your website.

Select a domain name
Choosing a domain name is one of the most fun aspects of web design.

Your domain serves as your website’s address and permanent home. Selecting a domain name can be simple. While your name should be memorable and original, fields usually include the name of your website and business, followed by an extension such If you’re still looking for the perfect name for your company, a website name generator will help get you started.

Website builders such as Wix provide free domain names, but you can also pay for a custom one. This is useful because it increases your website’s trust with both users and search engines. It will show visitors that you are a professional, trustworthy brand, making it easier for them to find you online.

Design your website’s layout

When utilizing low-code, no-code website construction software, you don’t need to write any code, or very little in the absence of regulations, as the interface already incorporates it. WYSIWYG software, such as the Wix Editor, also displays real-time design changes and updates to the user interface. You must select a website template and have a clear notion of the graphic aspects you wish to incorporate. Then, combine your website design concepts to create a single, unified layout. Concentrate the majority of your work here.

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