Website development companies in Dubai all have one thing in common!

Web Development
They all see the website as both the beginning and the end. But not with BM Marketing, Dubai’s leading website creation agency. We see a website as the start of all positive things for your business. Your website can be the most important single contribution to your brand image and the survival of your firm. It is a window of opportunity; all you have to do is look for it and use it to your advantage. A website for your business is no longer a luxury; it is the most important tool and fundamental component of your organization.
BM Marketing is an ISO-certified Google Partner company with over 8 years of experience in website design and development.
Let us show you what is truly important in website development and how we differ from the other website development firms in Dubai.
Clean-coded websites
BM Marketing creates websites using clean coding. Well-commented, structured, and tested across multiple platforms. You benefit from having a developer-independent, non-breaking website.

Clean coding is essential for a website. It increases website performance, making it load faster, which adds to greater visibility on search engines such as Google. Furthermore, clear, structured, and well-commented coding aids future website development. Comments help other developers understand why a given code exists and what it does for the website.

A well-coded website will be developer-independent. This means you are not obligated to work with a developer, such as us, throughout the life of your website.
It is not common practice for website designers to structure or annotate their codes. This is because it takes more time and effort, and since web developers are always in a rush, code cleaning is readily left aside.

BM Marketing’ website development staff is trained to use clean coding. Our norms and standards adhere to worldwide principles and best practices established by organizations such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

When you decide to create a website for yourself or your business, think ahead. This will be a long-term investment that can significantly benefit your business.
Trust BM Marketing; we can create a website that produces results for you!
A single dashboard to administer your website
Getting confused between domain, hosting, e-mail, analytics, and other parts of a website is a typical occurrence. Access everything on a single dashboard. Set up expiry dates and vendor information in one location, securely.

Creating a website is one of the easiest parts of the game. Maintaining it is a nightmare! If you currently have a website, you may agree that handling the domain, hosting, e-mail, analytics, maps, and other website-related components is a pain. It is not a common problem, but when it does occur, it is the most difficult to deal with.

As laypeople, we don’t understand the distinction between domain, hosting, and mail exchange servers. All we need to know is that the website must be available at all times, and emails must be delivered promptly.
As web development specialists, we have observed that many of our clients struggle to manage the technical components of their websites. Most of the time, the web development agency owns the domain and hosting accounts. This puts you, as the true owner of the website, at serious risk. The majority of web development businesses in Dubai recommend their own servers, which may be third-party-affiliated servers with no reputation or uptime guarantee. Remember that the cost of domains and hosting is negligible in contrast to the total cost of website construction. You should never compromise on this.

BM Marketing provides a totally transparent methodology for managing all aspects of your website through a single dashboard. You are not required to renew or maintain service contracts with us. You can manage them directly from the dashboard supplied.
With our dashboard access, you’ll see how a seemingly insignificant detail may sometimes save lives!
Not just adaptive, but precisely mobile!
Forget about adaptive sites. Create extremely specialized mobile webpages. Show what matters most to mobile users.

Every other website developer in Dubai you meet may have committed to mobile-adapted website design. This is a very frequent coding feature, thanks to the grid structure that emerged over time. An adaptive website is simply a stack of grids based on screen size. As a result, the website adapts to the screen size of the device being used to access it. Is it a nice feature to highlight? Yes, it is.

Mobile devices account for a stunning 30%–60% of website traffic, depending on the industry category. And the figures are on an upward trend. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it could be detrimental to your business. Furthermore, search engines such as Google prioritize mobile-ready websites in their search ranks.

Hold on, we’re not talking about mobile-friendly websites. BM Marketing goes above and beyond what the other website development companies in town do!
We provide a highly tailored mobile device experience for the websites we create. The webpages can function more like apps than traditional websites. Reason? User expectations and behavior on mobile devices differ significantly from those on desktop computers. Along with market research and our own user navigation pattern analysis, the mobile device interfaces we create can benefit your website in a variety of ways.

So, go for adaptive rather than specific!
Connect to mailing lists or CRMs.
Instead of just harvesting prospects, repurpose and nurture them with email list managers. Forget conventional methods of mailing. Use safe and secure bulk mail to improve deliverability. Protect your domain’s reputation and email security.

It’s fantastic to have someone visit your website. They are on your website for a specific reason: to become your customers. The information customers leave behind in the form of digital footprints, e-mails, comments, and chat requests is invaluable to your company. If you forget to cherish and cultivate them, your business will suffer greatly.

Customer relationship management modules (CRMs) and mailing list managers are excellent tools that, when used correctly, may transform your organization. They assist you in nurturing and re-engaging your prospects and consumers. Continuous, relevant communication can help you raise awareness, demand, and conversion rates. You will be able to build trust in order to convert a prospect into a customer, and then strategize communication to cross-sell or upsell.

BM Marketing can help you connect website visitor data to CRMs and mailing list managers. This will allow you to handle your leads from a single location and connect efficiently with both prospects and consumers.
Remember, when you create a website with BM Marketing, you have more reasons to be successful in your business!

Stay in touch with BM Marketing, the leading website building company in Dubai, to stay up-to-date on developing trends in the eCommerce business. If you have any queries, need assistance, or are looking for a website development company in Dubai, please contact us now. For further updates, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Website development companies in Dubai all have one thing in common!